Saturday, February 04, 2006

DFA members running for office

I think this is great. Many DFA members are
running for office. They are taking the Jim and Howard Dean's
message to heart and getting involved in the political process.
Go take a look at Blog for America and join up if you haven't yet and if you like what you see.

This is grassroots action at it's best.

All over the country, Democracy for America members are stepping up and running for local office. It's what we're all about--citizens taking action and making America better.

Win or lose, these rising stars are doing what too many in Washington fear to do--fighting for what they believe.

Debra Shore
Debra Shore is a DFA member running for Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District in Cook County, IL. She believes that we can be caring stewards of our natural resources, while building a better, healthier community. DFA members across Chicagoland support Debra because they know that the best way to elect new leadership is by
working at the grassroots level.

Karen Felthauser
Karen Felthauser is a long time DFA member, Williamson County Democratic
Party member, and community activist. She recently decided to run for the Texas State House in District 52 - just northwest of Austin. Karen will make Texas more progressive by helping provide quality and affordable education for all Texans, protecting and conserving the state's public lands, and ensuring that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.

Elesha Gayman
Elesha Gayman, a member of Democracy for America-Quad Cities, is running for the Iowa House of Representatives in District 84. Elesha's dedication to her community inspired her to enter the non-profit sector as a grant writer, fundraiser and volunteer. Now, she is running to bring new energy to the Iowa State House.

Andy Meisner
Andy Meisner is running for re-election as a State Representative in Michigan. He has been involved in the Royal Oak-DFA group since early 2004. In Lansing, he has fought to bring new jobs to Michigan and to ease legislative restrictions on stem cell research. With your help, he will continue to promote a strong Democratic message for the state and help take back the Michigan House.

Ronald Rice Jr.
Ronald Rice Jr. is a member of New Jersey for Democracy and co-organizes the Essex County, NJ DFA group. He is running for West Ward Councilman in the City of Newark. In 2002 he ran for councilman-at-large and received more votes than any previous first-time candidate in the history of Newark. His campaign is about changing the culture of city politics, empowering residents through education, and community control of all city development.

Ty Harrell
Ty Harrell is a DFA member in Raleigh, North Carolina who has spent years fighting for Democratic ideals. He has lectured at Duke University and is currently on the Arts and Sciences Development staff there. Ty is taking his experience and skills on the campaign trail in his bid for the State House in District 41. He believes North Carolina needs a better education system and a stronger health care program in order to improve the lives of its citizens. He will promote fiscal responsibility by rewarding small businesses and companies that create jobs in the state and close the tax loopholes on companies that move their business away from North Carolina.

These DFA members are doing their part. They get an "A" from DFA. That's why we're adding them to the "DFA-List."

But they need your help to win. Please visit their websites and help them in any way you can.

DFA List

Thank you for helping our next generation of leaders succeed.


Jim Dean
Democracy for America