Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Want to hear some great music?

I'll bet you have never heard this music before. It is the music of the Eastern European Orthodox church.
You may recognize Rachmaninoff and Tchiakovsky, but I'll bet you never heard Bortniansky, Gretchininoff, Vedel, Beresovsky or Archangelsky.

This group singing is the Ekumen Choral from Olyphant Pa. The day we sang this music all the soloists were sick with bad chest colds and throat infections. Someone had shared a nice virus the week before apparently. So we were not at our best, but still the music is so beautiful it is worth the download if you have never heard it before.

You will discover that we sing a capella and in eastern church slavonic with either a Russian or Ukrainian pronunciation depending on the composer and our audience.

The other thing you might notice is that the mic was too close to me and my voice carries. Generally we have a more blended sound.

We sing in NYC at the Ukrainian Festival every couple of years. The festival is held in lower Manhattan and it is worth going to for the art and jewelry along with the slavic food you will not generally find outside of the Slavic community.

<------ This is a site where the files are hosted.

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