Sunday, December 25, 2005

Why a blog?

Why a blog? Because there weren't enough blogs already, obviously.
I decided to add my voice and see what happens and where this blog takes me.

<------This is a picture of me and friends in ... 'Brel, guess which one is me. Clue: I am the one who burns and peels in the summer. I used this pic to introduce my blog, because it was watching a tape of this production that was the final straw against my resistance to talk about theater. I don't think I ever watched this video, even when I first got it in the early 90s. Wow, I am older and wiser and a better singer. But I have not been involved in theater for many years except for singing concerts with various groups. I need to find a way back....perhaps working with kids, we shall see.

I met all three of the people in this picture when I was doing a production of NINE. I auditioned for Michael who was sitting in the the darkened audience and said, when I finished singing, "you have an absolutely beautiful voice". You've gotta love a director who says such a thing to you in an audition.

The guy with the long Black hair was Leslie McMillen Perez, who played Guido. The pretty woman behind me is Ann Jackson who played his mother. The other tall handsome guy is Jeff Morell, who was not in the show, but was Michael's S.O. and so he would come to rehersals and during the times when Michael would try to stage a "dance" number, when my body just would not go in the right direction, Jeff would make motions for me to follow and mouth directions to me. Jeff, Michael, Bob, Larry, Leslie, Ann, very lucky I was to audition for that show and how lucky I am to have a record of Leslie, Ann, Jeff and I all singing together in 'Brel.

Later, after Nine had run its course Leslie and Ann got involved in this production of Brel and when they were looking for two other people who could sing, they thought of Jeff and I... at least that's how I think we all ended up working together again.


RD said...

I've read your stuff on 'kos am looking for allies to stage MASSIVE
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would need time to mobilize all allies

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BTW, PA is my home statewill prove crucial in 06 control of House. More on PA later

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RD said...

my public email on kos is

i also have another blog georgetownreporter on blogspot

TeresaInPa said...


Let me know how I can help. Thanks for posting here. Sometime today I am going to actually write something for this blog. = )

NeuvoLiberal said...

Hi T:

please check this link for splitting posts. Let me know if you need more help.

BTW, you FP polls are not linking correctly.

Nice to see that you're having fun with the blog :)


Bill Tchakirides said...

I also run a Politics and Theatre Blog (Under The Lobsterscope) at

I'm putting you on my regular blog list... Your blog is neat.
-Bill Tchakirides

TeresaInPa said...

Hi Bill,

I will check out your blog later. Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your list. I will do the same. = )

edzontar said...

Hi T.

Happy Holidays.

I am very much enjoying your new blog, and it is great to be "Home for the Holidays."

I am so sad to read about your loss, but can't he;p thinking how fortunate you have been in your friends.

Love and Happiness.


TeresaInPa said...

Hi Ed,

So good to hear from you. I can imagine how happy you were to get home.
Yes I have been very lucky in my friends. I am still a little teary over the loss of Ed D. I just expected him to be there for me when I was ready to reconnect with Florida friends. I was foolish.

peaceposmike said...

Thanks so much for adding my banner to your site. Your act of peace just might be the one that creates the tipping point that brings our troops home!

Mike from

edzontar said...

I hope you had a great holiday T.

Love always...EZ

Longgrain said...

Hey Ches! It's me Longgrain from P4C. Ed told me you were here, so I thought I'd drop in and say hi. You are missed greatly.
Great looking blog BTW, and good luck, I look forward to reading it some more when I have time.
Me I've been kind of exhausted from the political drama and have been spending my time here, as WildRice. There are folks there from both liberal and conservative boards, I even got a few artists friends to post there, but it's strictly non-political. Kind of a Jungle Room without any of the fighting going on upstairs. Please take a look if you get a chance.
Take care, and please pray for our mutual friend Debi, she really needs some good vibes right now.
I'll be around.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ches!

I still can't get laid. Someone please shoot me.


TeresaInPa said...

Hi LG, NT, Ed and everyone. I guess the whiners at pfc get their way once again. If you want to talk to me, just post here adn I will get an e-mail. = )

Nazgul35 said...

Hey Ches...

If I'd have know you were usch a hotie I would've been nicer to you!!!


Anonymous said...

You hot momma!

TeresaInPa said...

If I had known you'd be nicer I would have posted a picture a long time ago... hey wait, I did. = )

Okay, who is doing the Skinner imitation?

TeresaInPa said...

Hey Mike,

I saw that diary. = ) The vast majority of people there do not as you say, have two nickles to rub together. Good try though.

NCslim said...

Nickles? You got two? Can I ask for a loan?

TeresaInPa said...


I can probably spare one of those nickles, but not the postage to send it to you. = )

Mike Hickerson said...


Who is the genius pretending to be me?

I guess the simplicity of that long since passed notion was missed. But I wonder who would go to the trouble of putting it on your blog. But Hi to you my dear.

It's always nice to know you have a base, isn't it?

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